auto insurance quote in United States
auto insurance quote in United States

There is wide range of scenic attractions in Virginia to cherish on. But there is something transcendental about taking a scenic drive in paradise-like places similar to Virginia. The place is surrounded by true natural beauty, historical, architectural and cultural attractions along with other so many things to explore. If you are one of those travelers who hasn’t experience these 5 scenic drives in Virginia, you are missing fortune there. Try this fall, witness the untapped beauty with this trip. Make sure you learn about the Virginia state law, especially about their driving regulations such as speed limit violations and other rules.

  1. Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue Ridge Parkway is must-go experience for any traveler, especially if you are visiting Virginia in a fall. It is known to be one of the most popular scenic drives in America. Blue Ridge Parkway offers you experience this journey with different modes whether you like to go for bicycling, for a drive, hiking, camping, RVing, and motorcycling. Reassure your car insurance before you go for such trips; try to get the best auto insurance quote.

The drive is one of the largest scenic drive consists of more than 100s of sightseeing and beautiful halts. You are truly going to adore the Blue Ridge stunning mountains, landscapes, breathtaking vistas of nature with a diversity of flora and fauna. The 469 miles drive is impeccable and irresistible to miss. You can do an immense amount of things here like camping, hiking, picnicking, photography, bicycling and of course the road trips or short scenic drives.

  • Skyline Drive

As they say, it is like ‘riding the sky’; the experience is quite surreal and momentous to be felt for long time in your heart. It is one of those mountain drives which will invoke the true-self of yours. It is a pure beauty to experience in those mountain scenic drives. This is like 105 miles skyline drive which is full of historic national treasures, breath-taking landscapes, surreal skylines, national scenic byway along with Shenandoah National Park. 

This drives definitely calls out to you for getting auto insurance quote before visit here. This is what any smart travelers do before going for any trips to a different state. Skyline drive allows you to gaze around and witness the different perspective on this utter beauty breathing in form of trees, forests, animals, birds, rivers, sky and everything you come across. It is truly magical.

  • Great Falls and Georgetown Pike Loop Drive

The Great Falls and Georgetown Pike Loop Drive begins from the town library and the scenic drive goes through the Great Falls. It is one of the most beautiful drives you should mark for while visiting Virginia. The drive is like 26-mile loop scenic drive with 1 hour time which includes picturesque roads, astonishing landscapes, forest roads, architectural sights, farms and grand houses in-between. There are lot of activities like Hiking, sightseeing, paddling and appreciating the historical sites. Before going for such road trips, it is recommended to get auto insurance quote so you will be always prepared for the possibilities.

Have your stop at Krop’s Crops where you can pick up some pumpkins. It is one of the perfect routes for hiking, especially going through the Seneca Park, Beach Mill and other spots. You must stay at Great Falls Park for the waterfall sightseeing. Also, always make sure you know about the road safety concerns and speed limit violation of the state you are visiting. It is another measure you should take other than just getting cheap car insurance. Other than that, the beautiful journey is yours to embrace the true natural beauty, sightseeing and scenic roads.

  • The Crooked Road

Before you visit ‘The Crooked Road’, you must understand being driving in a tourist country requires some sort of Intel before you enter. It is suggestible to learn about the moving violations and speed limit rules. If you found involved into any kind of road violation, it can affect your application status for online car insurance. So with safety in mind, live the 300 miles of scenic terrain through the crooked road. It is a musical trail where you will be enjoying the country music, city culture, dance and natural beauty of Southwest Virginia.

You are going to love the music ride where the best parts are Heart of Appalachia and Blue Ridge Highlands connected to this trail. You will be experiencing those old West Country music, mountain ballads, toe-tapping dance and what not. Make sure you discover ongoing festivals, music shows, musician jamming, great performances, local shops and bars as well.

  • Colonial National Parkway

This must be one of the ideal and very much known scenic drives which usually pop-up into the travellers’ mind.  Colonial National Parkway is a popular scenic drive with twenty-three-mile stretch roadway, starts from Yorktown and ends at Jamestown from the rivers as York River and James River respectively. Colonial National Parkway is well-crafted themed scenic roadway which beautifully integrates the natural, environmental and cultural resources with the American colonial renaissance or memorial. 

It also strategically connects the very three historical pride of Virginia such as Jamestown, Yorktown and Williamsburg. The place is very much known due to high tourist traffic it receives every year. One of the most important facts you should know before you come here for a drive is, the speed limit, law of the land and other technical aspects of the place. You should know the roadway here only allow the speed limit to be 45 miles per hour. Exceeding that, you will be tampering the state law or speed violation which might affect your car insurance even if you got already some exciting auto insurance quote. The construction of the Parkway features the natural beauty of Virginia along with the architectural and historical sightseeing. One of the gems of the states known as national historical Park is must to be visited.

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