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7 Quick Tips To Save A Lot On Auto Insurance

There are many tips and tricks out there to cutting costs on your auto insurance that many don’t even realize. Below is a list of 7 quick tips that when you apply them, you could save a lot of money long-term on your car insurance.

Request Quotes & Buy Online

For a lot of people they tend to go through local insurance brokers in town based on their friends or if they see an insurance agency ad on TV. It’s not smart to immediately go for them, especially when you have convenient options.

For one, you can start looking online as there are many places where you can get insurance quotes online for free and in the comfort of home. It’ll be faster and you can also get a good idea of how much you’ll need to pay. Furthermore some companies will offer a discount just for buying online too.

Multi-Vehicle Savings

If you are looking to insure multiple vehicles, it’s smart to wrap all the vehicle under one insurance provider. When you do that insurance companies will offer discounts all across the board, making it cheaper for everyone involved.

Bundle Up

On the note of wrapping multiple vehicles, another good one is getting different types of insurance policies. If the insurance company offers home, tenant, condo or any other kind of insurance, be sure to consider it as well as you can knock off 5 to 10% off of your overall insurance cost.

Cancelling Collision Coverage

Collision coverage in a lot of cases makes up most of the premium cost of your vehicle. It’s a smart thing to have when your vehicle is newer as the value of the vehicle is still high. However the older it gets, the less it makes sense to hold onto collision coverage. It gets to a point that keeping that policy and potentially paying the deductible will cost more than the vehicle is worth.

Be A Better Driver

Your driving record matters a lot when it comes to premium costs. The best way to reduce it and ensure you are paying lower costs is to make sure you are and remain a good driver. Any tickets, or convictions you have on your record will work against you for at least 3 years while accidents last 6 years or even more!

Be Mindful Of Your Vehicle

The vehicle you bought may not have a lot of history, however the overall brand of the vehicle may. Insurance companies look at the make and model of vehicles to see if there have been reports for large claims, the types of claims, as well as thefts of those vehicles. Depending on the history, you could be paying more than others.

Consider Transit, Carpooling, Or Take A Cab

The more that you drive, the more at risk you are at in getting an accident. That is the logic of insurance companies. Furthermore driving in rush hour may make it even worse for you too. Make your life easier by carpooling or taking a bus. If worse comes to worse you can always consider getting a cap or if you are up for it, walk or bike to work.

Either way, the less time you spend in your car, the lower the costs.

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