auto insurance quote in United States
auto insurance quote in United States

These 10 States Have a Major Speeding Problem

Driving fast sometimes seems to be a common approach to do while you are in hurry or just want to hike your adrenaline. But whatever the reasons could be, driving in high speed could not just increase the chances of accidents but also get you into legal troubles.  If you think, just a minor speed increase is not going to harm, you can’t more wrong there. Especially, it happens while travelling in other states or some new state where you are unaware of the speed violation rules of that land. 

Any raising of speed tickets will decrease the chances of you getting car or auto insurance as it is going to affect your overall driving records. So these are 10 states where you must think again to increase the speed, even a bit.

  1. South Carolina

The percentage of drivers in South Carolina has reported for the speed-related violations and cases are like 22.7%. This clarifies why you should learn the speed limit and other such traffic rules of any new state you are visiting.  Avoiding this can be getting you into serious road violations cases which can create some negative remarks on your driving history or records. In South Carolina, the speed limit is 75 which if you exceed, you will be charged with real expensive fines.

  • Nebraska

You are going to find plenty of wide streets in Nebraska but don’t be tempted to increase your speed. The fines could be really expensive for you even if you speeding up with slight numbers, there are no negotiations there. It can be ranging from $10 to $600 which is too much to handle as fine. There has been a 20.8% driver in the state which has been reported for speed violations. The speed limit is 75 which cannot be exceeded in any case. Especially, take important measures to prevent that if you have got an cheap car insurancee and applying in the near future.

  • Iowa

It is quite interesting to learn that despite Iowa is the state which is known for its lowest capita number of officers, it ranks first in filing for speeding violations. Any speed limit offense here can get you 35% surcharge as your speeding violation fines. Your fines could be like $40 to $114 charges in Iowa, so better late than be sorry. The state has appointed 5, 231 full-time officers for regulating the speed limitation rules. This can alone give you a fair idea about the state’s strict approach to speed violations. You better avoid jumping off the limit there.

  • Wisconsin

You cannot ignore the 20% drivers of Wisconsin reporting the speed problems. So while going for a drive in Wisconsin, you better get some cheap car insurance policy due to accidental cases. But what best you can do is not surpass the speed limit 70 MPH. This is because even if you do not get into an accident but you are surely going to pay high fines such as $200 to $800. The state is very much known for its larger number of speed violation reports which is as much as 142,000.

  • Delaware

Having cheap car insurance might cover any sort of accidental damage but it won’t cover expensive fines you have to pay for speed over the limit. This includes Delaware as well, a state where you will be fined the amount of 20$ as base fine plus $1 per mile if you were speeding by 6-15 MPH or 2$ per mile if you were speeding by 16-19 MPH or 3$ per mile if you were speeding by 20 MPH or over than that. And this is just for the first-time violation otherwise it can go upto that as well. Also, Delaware is being reported for 19.6% of drivers for speed violations.

  • Washington State

Washington State is one of those states where you find the major speeding problems. It indirectly approaches the car or automobile owners to go for cheap car insuranceo, which is easy and possible within very few steps. There is 18.7% of drivers has reported the speeding violations here. If you are driving here even a minor slip over the speed limit that is 40 MPH, you will have to pay expensive fines minimum of $105 and a maximum of $423.

  • Virginia

If you are going for driving in Virginia, you better take precaution otherwise the speed violation; even a slightly above can cost you a huge amount of fine. According to Virginia state law, any speed exceeds 80 MPH, it will be considered as a serious offense. The state records 19.8% percentage of drivers reporting the speed violations. There are around 19,331 full-time officers sworn to regulate the speed violation law enforcement in the state. You should be concerned about not getting caught into such violations if you do not want to have troubling getting auto insurance.

  • Wyoming

Wyoming has reported the 21.3% of the driver for the speed related problems. That state rural interstate speed limit is 75 here which cannot be exceeded in any scenario. Otherwise, you are going to face some serious speeding tickets fines against you. It can damage your insurance eligibility overall if it gets too long on your driving history. If you are a visitor here, you must acknowledge the speed limitations here along with the state’s reputation regarding it. There have been 39,596 speeding tickets raised in Wyoming by their Highway Patrol which is increasing year by year.

  • North Dakota

North Dakota is quite a dangerous place to go for driving where it achieves 23%.1 of drivers in the states reported for speeding violations. The state has appointed 1,482 officers to monitor the speed violations and other such problems. The rural interstate speed limit in North Dakota is come to know as highest among others. You will be seen as a serious speed limit offender if you surpass this limit which is 75.

  1. Ohio

Ohio is one of those two states which allow different cities to decide their own fines and charges on the speed violations. You can be charged over $100 or even more on the streets of Ohio if found violating the speed limit. So even if you have received a great cheap car insurance, such speed violations against you might go in bad books of your driving records affecting your insurance policy.

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