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[Fiverr Algorithm 2021] How To Rank Fiverr Gig?

12 Fiverr Gig ranking Factors that decide your Gig standings

How To Rank Fiverr Gig? is an important yet a common query of Fiverr sellers. The reputation for Fiverr has gradually increased because of providing mini-projects. When Fiverr was a new baby among other digital marketing platforms, everybody thought it ridiculous to buy and sell services only for $5. Because of less competition, selling service on Fiverr, that time was much more comfortable. And even New Sellers could earn handsome money in a short period.

But as time passed, more people started getting into the party, and the competition skyrocketed. Now, every category has hundreds of sellers competing for that same 5 dollars. The battle at this time is as hard as it was never before. Even most of the New Sellers remain un-earned for months because they can’t find the right way to become successful among the whole crowd.

Before you think of getting ranked higher on Fiverr, you should know some Fiverr algorithms rules on how they rank Gigs. So, in this Fiverr Tutorial, we’re going to look at How To Rank Fiverr Gig and the updated Fiverr algorithm to rank our Gigs higher in the search results.

How To Rank Fiverr Gig?

Let’s have a look at some critical factors involved in the Fiverr gig ranking.

1) Time spent on the Platform

According to the latest Fiverr algorithm updates, the Gigs got most rankings whose owners spent much of their time on Fiverr. You might also have noticed your Gig standing on the first page, and after one hour away, it goes to the second page. The reason is nothing, but you were offline for that hour.

2) Keyword-enriched Title

Keyword research is the key to success in every niche. If you’ve got a credible keyword matching your services, you can enhance its productivity by using it many times in the Gig title (i.e., synonyms, variations, etc.). As shown in the above image, the Gigs have listed for the “Data entry” keyword with the keyword used precisely for at least one time in the Gig. This part is the most crucial Gig ranking factor.

3) Ratings

According to the Fiverr algorithm, ratings matter a lot to know How To Rank Fiverr Gig? The quality of your product can’t be judged better than the person who buys from you. If the buyer has a fantastic experience with you and awards you 5/5 ratings, it’s enough to ensure that you don’t compromise on producing quality stuff. It’s observed that ratings from 4.5 to 5 gets more attention than with lower. In the image, “Alexendrabist23” stands 1st with 4.9 ratings, followed by “ripa_roy” with 4.6.

4) Number of Completed Orders

You might be thinking that why “arif1614” stands 4th in the rankings even though he has 5/5. The reason is the number of orders completed. Sometimes, serving the most number of times is more important than winning five ratings in just one order, as in the case of “lydearowens.” (standing 5th). Working for a long time for the buyers is more crucial than just sorting things out in one or two orders. Completing most orders determines that the buyers are enjoying your services, which makes them order repeatedly.

5) Video or Image?

Having a video to your Gig gives a significant boost in rankings. It’s like icing on the Gig cake. When you use a video to describe your services, it adds a personal touch with the buyer and attracts more than just static images. Research proved that using a Gig video increases the chances of getting orders by 220%. It would help if you kept in mind that you also deliver the services as described; otherwise, you will have no profit out of this.

6) Expressive Description

Gig description is also crucial in deciding whether your services fulfill the buyer’s needs. Try to be as descriptive in the Description section as much as you can. When you explain, it increases the chances of getting your services mapped with what the buyer was looking for.

But, if you fail to present the Gig description pleasantly, you might not get good rankings. Because video or images decides whether or not the buyer should click on your Gig, and description determines your eligibility for the project. Remember! If you don’t get an order after the Gig clicked by the buyer, then it’s your most significant loss ever! which matters a lot in the Fiverr algorithm to rank your Gig.

7) Relevant Tags

Using tags that create relevancy with some variated buyer’s searches can help you get more impressions, clicks, and ultimately more orders. Note that the buyer can search the same niche with different keywords because every person has his/ her mind. Thus, when you use exact tags, they can help get more exposures in the search results.

8) Seller’s Profile

Having a handsome Seller is also a critical factor in ranking the Gigs. Every buyer, before going to place an order, always visits the service provider profile. Having a stand-out Fiverr profile lets your buyers know that you are a pure professional with some niche qualifications. This factor can also boost Gig rankings in no time.

9) Gig Favourites

Although Gig favorites play a minor role in Gig rankings. When a person adds your Gig to his favorites, it indicates that he might choose you for an order, which can also help get more exposures.

11) Gig Performance

Gig performance (clicks, impressions, and views) can help sellers willing to rank their Gigs from scratch. The newly arrived Gigs own no properties like reviews, ratings, and orders what so ever. But the reason you see some Gigs featuring on the Fiverr homepage is their performances, best SEO, etc.

Conclusion | How To Rank Fiverr Gig?

These were some factors that Fiverr use to decide the ranking of the Gig. Working on these factors, you can improve your Gig rankings and the Sales, which is our ultimate goal of working on Fiverr!

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