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Learn how to avoid these five expensive driving habits

Jack Canfield, a renowned author and speaker for motivation, famously observed, “Your habits will shape your future.” While that might be a terrific insight into life in general, we would like to take you one step further… your driving habits will shape the future of your car.

Habits are just habitual acts, sometimes without even thinking. While some may be healthy, like brushing your teeth, others may be hazardous, such as speeding. Let’s look at 5 typical driving practises that can damage the health and future of your car.

Learn how to avoid these five expensive driving habits

The longer you get a driving license, the more likely it is that you have certain driving habits that can be hard to break. If your cell phones are unavailable to prevent distracted driving, keep up to date. But when one of these 5 harmful driving behaviors has been picked up, it’s time for some changes!

1). Ignoring caution lights on the dashboard These lights illuminate your vehicle to let you know if something is amiss. Service or repairs are sometimes necessary immediately. Other times, a notification may appear indicating that maintenance is due soon. Anyway, these warnings may prevent your vehicle from being damaged and perhaps save you money. What happens if the dashboard warning lights are ignored?

2). Riding the brakes – Keeping your foot on the brakes for a long time does more than merely annoying drivers. It also breaks prematurely and affects its stopping power. Drive cautiously so that you don’t have to use the brakes continuously and arrange the routine brake service to maintain them operating.
3). Low gasoline driving — Even when you’re not on a long road trip, it is not advisable to drive with a vacant or low gas tank. If you do, the fuel system of your car can be damaged or your fuel filter can absorb silt from the bottom of the tank. Fuel up when your tank reaches the full 1⁄4 level instead.

4). Potholes hitting – Every pothole or bump on the road cannot always be avoided. But you can escape the worst if you drive carefully and pay attention. After all, how much damage potholes may do
you might be shocked!

5). Ignoring odd noises – Like dashboard warning lights, odd automotive sounds signal you something is amiss. It could be a small problem or a significant one. If in doubt, make sure you arrange an appointment immediately with your mechanic.

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