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Car Insurance Explained, & What to Do After a Car Accident!

Your car insurance protects you from a huge financial loss. Basically, you pay a premium monthly usually to your insurance company and in exchange if you get into a wreck the insurance company will help you cover your losses.

Car insurance includes three different types of coverage:

1). Property which will pay if your car is stolen or damaged.

2). Liability which pays for legal obligations to others for bodily injury or property damage.

3). Medical which pays for hospital bills rehabilitation and sometimes lost wages or funeral expenses.

Part Two – Money Matters

So, how much coverage should you get well that depends on different things. Such as your car’s value whether you own the car outright and how much in damages you could afford to cover out-of-pocket on your own.

Naturally your monthly premium will vary depending on your amount of coverage. Like for instance it costs more to insure the elector mobile than it does to say cover mr. Bean’s little mustard yellow car that’s the way of the world Kid.

Pay your car insurance premiums

Also, don’t you forget it very important note just because you pay premiums. That doesn’t mean you’ll pay nothing when you get into a wreck most. Likely you’ll have something called a deductible the deductible is the amount of money that you have to pay before your insurance starts kicking in.  So, let’s say you total your $5,000 car in a wreck and your deductible is $1,000. That means, you are going to pay the first thousand dollars to get your car replaced and your insurance will pay the remaining four thousand in the good.

Old US of a nearly all states require that you have car insurance. If you’re going to own or drive a car so it’s super important to get it also the remaining states still require that you prove that you could afford to cover all damages. If you get into a wreck so basically for the privilege of not paying a monthly premium on insurance you’re gambling potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars if not more so we would say crowd get insured.

Part Three – How to get insured?

This is actually really simple you can get quotes online or over the phone. Very quickly from dozens of competitors the insurance company will need a bit of information about you and your car. They also likely run a credit reports and look up your accident history. Once you get a quote you like you’ll start paying premiums and they will send you your insurance card. Which you should keep with your car at all times.

Part for that colossal wreck boundless and bare PS the first person to tell me, what that quote is from in the comments is officially an awesome adult step one post-accident. If you can get your car and yourself off of the road and into someplace safe. If you cannot move your car leave it there but make sure you get out of the dangerous situation. Your insurance company will pay to get a tow truck to take your car away either way though put on your Hazards. If you have any of those reflectorized triangles be sure to put those out.

If you have one of those road flares careful because they’ll burn you. They’re not just like fun with they’re not a glow stick for crying out loud who learned his lesson the hard way. Do not offer any apologies or explanations for what caused the wreck they could be used against you in future legal proceedings. Step two should you call the police we recommend that you do admittedly it is not illegal to not call the police but to quote US News and World Report’s.

Even if no one is hurt if there’s real damage and insurance companies will soon do battle. It’s a good idea to call 911 action from the federal government’s website 9-1-1 gov which recommends calling after a car crash especially. If someone is injured if you call 911 precincts and bring in a neutral third party to document the accident. You’ll be doing yourself a favor it’s true that it might take a little while for the police to get there. If you live in a big city or they’re just like super busy that day but still we recommend erring on the side of caution and calling them and either way you’re going to have to file an accident report to the police more info in the doobly-doo.

Step 3 gather the other driver’s information and volunteer your own you should write down these things. If you’ve called the police you should get their phone number their badge number their name, number of the police report and request a copy of the police report having all

of this info will save you a lot of headaches.

In step four file a claim after the scene is cleared call your insurance company immediately to start the claims process. Your insurance card should have a 24-hour phone number on the back of it and your insurance agent should call you within one business day to help you with the claim your insurance. Agent should also be able to help you basically every step of the way throughout the process after an accident that. You are deemed responsible for it’s possible that your premiums are going to go up that’s because the insurance company sees you as a riskier investment.

However, this is not for certain because a lot of different companies have different policies on rate increases. So, just know that it might vary for a lot of people driving is a big part of adulthood and it is a huge responsibility basically you’re piloting a two-ton missile. So, drive sober put down your phone and maintain legal speed limits that way you’ll be avoiding the three.

Common Mistake Left Turn Road Traffic

There are some common mistakes when making left turns advancing when light is green but not yielding to oncoming traffic will result in a collision. If there’s an oncoming vehicle advancing when light is green but failing to shoulder check for pedestrians at the crosswalk which results in a situation of failing to yield to pedestrians and oncoming vehicles.

Vehicle Wide Turn

Turning to wide as a result of excessive speed may cause a collision also a potential hazard is created by drivers. Who accelerate towards the intersection to beat a flashing hand signal at a high speed the vehicle is unable to turn into the left lane instead it enters into the right lane forcing the other vehicle to take evasive actions.

Vehicle Turning Left

Turning left at the same time as a right turning vehicle is turning into the adjacent lane the situation creates crash potential. A large vehicle waiting to make a left turn from the opposite side may obstruct your view of oncoming vehicles taking a risk and turning left while unsure of oncoming traffic may result in a collision.

Vehicle into the intersection

Finally following another vehicle into the intersection is not permitted only one vehicle should advance into the intersection at a time. The correct approach to make a left turn with a dedicated left-turn lane is to enter dedicated left-turn lane as soon as possible observe signals and shoulder check if the traffic signal shows an arrow indicated turn proceed when arrow is green.

If there’s no arrow advanced into the intersection keeping vehicle wheels straight yield to oncoming vehicles and pedestrians at crosswalks. Then proceed when safe into the left lane the correct approach to make a left turn without a dedicated left-turn lane is to wait for the green light in the left lane when light is green advance into the intersection keeping vehicle wheels straight. Proceed when oncoming vehicles have cleared the intersection and pedestrians have cleared the crosswalk.

Understanding Car insurance – What you need to know 101

You got the keys you ready to go let’s drive oh wait do we have insurance? how do I buy car insurance?

if you’re new to driving car or if you just don’t understand insurance this article is going to help you. I’m an insurance agent license in 38 plus States I think it’s like flood 4045. So, I don’t know if you’re new to insurance or if you’re curious on the way that the coverage’s work.

So, I just want to go over like the different types of coverage’s. If you’ve got somebody new to insurance they should definitely look at this. Now keep in mind this is generalization I can’t give you exact numbers because I don’t know what state you’re in. So, if you’re in Michigan there’s a lot more stuff versus the person that’s in New York versus the person that’s in Florida but I’ll give you some of the bases and I’ll go over some of the states that are very popular.

Florida State Car Insurance:

So, I’ll probably go through Florida because they’re a huge state for an insurance maybe California some things like that and you’re looking at insurance. I’ll start off with auto insurance the first thing that you want to do is they’re going to ask you:

  1. What’s your bodily injury like?
  2. What kind of coverages are you looking for here’s?
  3. How you determine what coverages you need?

So, you want to look at your income the money coming in and you want to look at your assets your vehicle.

Do you own a house the way you want insurance to look is you want car insurance to look better than you if your income levels here you want your coverages to be? Just here that way if something happens because you can’t control it. You get an accident it might be your fault you know you dropped a pen you want to go grab it or you looked away. You hit somebody they’re going to sue you if you don’t have enough coverage’s and if they take a look at you when they go to court they say okay well this guy’s making this much but as insurance has this much. So, forget this guy we’re just going to go after the car insurance company and that’s really the main design of car insurance that’s basically the way you want to have it set up.

Your first set of coverage is called bodily injury RBI limits they call them. So, what type of BI limits if you’re brand new young driver a lot of people here they’ll say I want the state minimums so typically the lowest one. That I know of is Florida where they offer it’s called 1020 that means if you injure somebody in a car accident it will pay $10,000 per person in that car up to a total of $20,000 so if you hit a car there’s three people in it. Just assume each of them have $5,000 worth of medical claims you’re covered because you have 5 10 15 so, you haven’t maxed it out and you haven’t gone above 10 per person.  

Typically, what most people will do if you have a lower income just about every state I know offers twenty-five and fifty it doesn’t cost much more to up it to the twenty-five fifty and it’s not a lot of coverage but it’s at least enough. Where if you don’t have a large income or you don’t have a lot of assets that it’s a good starting place.  So, that’s your bodily injury limits.

The next thing is called PD that stands for property damage anything that you damage if you run into a house, if you run into another car that’s covering the vehicle.

Most state minimums they’ll let you do $5,000 that’s just to pay repairs not for you for anyone you hit that’s really low because most cars nowadays the paint jobs are $5,000. I always think about it is pretend you hit not necessarily a Mercedes or Ferrari but pretend you hit a decent BMW. Most BMWs I would expect to be about 45 to 50 thousand dollars even if they’re used so recommendation do at least fifty thousand the next level above that would be a hundred thousand. But they you can do lower than that keep in mind property damage is the cheapest thing to buy. Car insurance so upping that coverage will cost you dollars. So, don’t try to save a couple dollars because it could cost you a lot more in the end. So, as far as that you got 5 10 15 20 25 you know you can and you can go as high as you want after that.

Cheap Car Insurance for A First Time Driver

First-time drivers have a long way to go before taking off headed for the opportunity. Online car insurance may not be the primary thing another driver considers, yet it is essential. Cost is regularly a major worry alongside having the correct inclusion. Take in the advantages of being added to a current cheap car insurance policy and different alternatives accessible to first-time drivers.

The Best Deal

The most ideal approach to acquiring cheap car insurance is to be included in a current policy. Typically, somebody in your family unit has a cheap car insurance strategy. Regardless of whether it’s a parent, watchman, or grandparent, attempt to get added as a driver to their approach.

Advantages of Driver

  • Proof of Prior: As a first-time driver you don’t have an ebb and flow car insurance. Online car insurance companies think about the uninsured driver’s high hazard. High-hazard drivers pay a higher premium than a standard or favored driver.
  • More Discounts: Being included as a driver a current policy will most likely give you access to a lot more limits. The first-run through driver doesn’t regularly possess their home or claim different autos; in any case, your gatekeepers may. Those limits will naturally stretch out to you in the event that you are included as a driver their approach.

Tips for Going It Alone

•     Shop Around:

Get a few statements from various insurance bearers to help figure out which organization will offer you the least expensive rate. Some autonomous organizations have practical experience in high-chance insurance policies. These offices can cite numerous organizations you meet all requirements for all in the meantime, which spares your time calling around.

•     Pay in Full:

Many online car insurance organizations offer a forked over all required funds, down to the last cent in full markdown. Ponying up all required funds demonstrates your duty to keep up constant insurance and insurance agencies remunerate you with a rebate. It is difficult putting something aside for a half year of car insurance premiums, yet it is justified, despite all the trouble on the off chance that you can do it.

•     Shop in Six Months:

Once you have kept up consistent insurance for a half year it’s an ideal opportunity to begin looking for a less expensive rate. This is certainly not an opportunity to set it and overlook it. Changing from a high-hazard bearer to a favored is most likely the greatest reserve funds you will ever find in insurance premiums.

Getting cheap car insurance out of the blue can be a scary errand. Assistance from your folks can make life significantly less demanding; be that as it may, on the off chance that you need to go only it remains solid and go the course. When you endure your half-year time for testing you’ll be on route to sensible online car insurance rates. Ensuring you have cheap car insurance on your car implies you’ve ventured out turning into a mindful and versatile grown-up.

How Might I Bring Down My Car Insurance Rates?

Certain elements impact your accident coverage rates, including a few things you can control:

  • The sort of car you drive – The cost and style of your car will affect how much your rates will be. The age of your car likewise matters; more established autos will, in general, be less expensive to safeguard.
  • The sort of inclusion you pick – If you drive a more established car with high mileage, you should seriously mull over dropping crash or exhaustive inclusion on the off chance that you have to keep your premiums low.
  • The measure of your deductible – Higher deductibles can altogether bring down car insurance premiums. While it could mean increasingly out-of-stash costs in case of a mishap, it could likewise mean paying less after some time.
  • The number of drivers on your arrangement – If you add somebody to your strategy, your rate will increment, especially if that “somebody” is another teenager driver. Measurably youngsters have more mishaps so they’re progressively costly to protect.
  • Your driving record – Insurance rates can in some cases increment after a mishap or moving infringement. The uplifting news? You may fit the bill for a rebate after a specific time of driving mishap free.

You can take in more about the components that affect the expense of car insurance – and make sure to consider as you search for inclusion.

  • Affinity markdown – We have built up associations with a few associations to offer limits to their individuals. In the event that you have a place with such a gathering, you might be qualified for a markdown on insurance.
  • Paperless rebate – You’ll get a good deal on stamps and maintain a strategic distance from late expenses on the off chance that you join to have your bill paid naturally at normal interim’s from your checking or bank account. A few policyholders may even acquire a common rebate when they consent to get archives electronically.

Online car insurance shopping ?

Online car insurance policies are an integral investment for all car buyers today. It is something you cannot undermine or overrate or deny its significance. Then, again there is a whole hassling process with an offline insurance policy. Online insurance policies for automobiles or even for other things are cheaper, easier and faster to get. There are many reasons why more car insurance shoppers are shopping online instead of offline purchasing. Here are 10 best reasons why these car insurance shoppers prefer online purchasing.

10 Reasons Why Car Insurance Shoppers prefer online purchasing

The Internet has revolutionized the most of financial transmissions which are integral to the economy affecting from lives of common people to large economic system. When most of the things today are bought online, why not online car insurance? Some people might still get cold feet when they considering buying car insurance online including you but there are a huge amount of people prefers online automobile insurances. Here are the 5 most prominent reasons why car insurance shoppers prefer to buy it online.

  1. Buying Car Insurance Online is Cheaper  

One of the most obvious but important benefits of online automobile insurance is the cost. It is for sure that you are going to get the cheapest available insurance policies online which fit your need in the best way. So if you are looking for cheap car insurance, the best possibility is you are getting it online. I

  • Direct Payment for Car Insurance Only

When you buy online car insurance, you are going to pay for insurance policy product directly. As you are purchasing the car insurance online, there will be no heavy paperwork or any kind of hard copy documentation. These paperwork’s and documentations usually benefits these insurance companies but it will be no more required since you are purchasing it from online. Not just that, you won’t have to pay commission to the insurance agents. You will be paying for the exact amount for the insurance policy you buy, nothing additional. This is the very reason why online insurances are cheaper to buy.

The money which gets saved due to the application of this online medium is going to lower your premium instalments. So it is interesting to understand how online insurances ultimately benefit you.  Every processing fees and transaction charges will add up to provide you with a cheaper auto insurance quote.

  • Lot of Options to choose from

The online insurance policy provides an immense range of options to choose from. You can literally educate yourself in various insurance available. There are a lot of platforms specifically sorting and exploring insurance policies according to your need. You will find a number of insurance companies, different policies providing different time periods, cost, terms and conditions and other factors.

  • Avoid the Hassling 

It might not seem much of the concern while understanding the benefits you are going to get with car insurance. But hassling which comes with the offline insurance applying process is so much daunting that it almost derail people from the interest.

  • It is Faster, Easier & Highly Convenient

You must admit that getting an auto insurance quote is easy to do online. It is easier and convenient to approach can insurance online as it includes a faster way to explore the number of options online, easy payments and a lot of offers as well. You won’t be required any sort of patience or effort to go and file the application. It is fast, easy, transparent and hassle-free.

  • No need of Insurance Agents

One of the most tiring aspects of going for car or automobile insurance is dealing with the insurance agents. That’s one of the most prior things which throw potential insurance buyers away often. Sometimes, insurance agents tend to manipulate you; they have their self-profiting agendas to fulfil and much more into it. There are some other threats such as fraudulent and theft issues with insurance agents as well. Some can be simply impartial, irritating or just pushing you for any particular product. Purchasing online auto insurance is going to cut off any such possibilities regarding dealing with annoying insurance agents. 

  • Premium Payments & Renewals becomes easy

Forgetting about the premium payments or renewals is the most common problem with insurance policies. But not anymore, as the payment can be scheduled for the auto-deducted from your bank account to the insurance company. If that is not convenient for you, you will be getting constant reminders regarding the coming date of premium payment of renewals. This avoids you to go for any late charges or any other consequences. That is only possible with the online insurance policies.

  • A lot of Discounts and Offers

Insurance companies are quite determined to motivate people to buy car insurance policies. So they keep luring the customers with exciting offers and discounts from time to time. There is also a sense of competition going on among the leading insurance policy providers profiting you eventually. There is even Cashback on premium or the initial purchase of car insurances.

  • Highly Secured Medium

If you are lucky enough to get immensely cheap car insurance from online, the process is going to be not just easy but safest as well. This often comes across a lot of people who are reluctant to buy online insurance policies. The safety and security of their information and payment concern them the most. But that’s the whole point here. Online auto insurance gives you the maximum possible security providing you to go with accurate information. Online insurance policies prevent any misplacing of the data or information as compared to the offline mode.

  1.  You Compare Various Online Car Insurance

One of the most interesting aspects of online auto insurance is the range of products you are reaching out. Again, it gives you the comfort of comparing them on the single platform. You can judge the profits and what you are getting from it one of by one or at the same time. It gives you the opportunity to choose the best option available out there and also the cheapest.

Things to consider when buying a car

There are two types of buyers when it comes to buying a car (online car insurance). There is one who prefers buying new ones whereas the other one like to buy used cars. However, there are lots of factors on which the decision are depended.  Numbers of people prefer just because they don’t have enough budget to get a new car or they want to have experienced first.  Apart from that, there are other various things that directly or indirectly affect the preferences.

List of things that you should consider no matter you are buying a used or new car

No matter what you are buying, there are a few things you should know as it helps you in getting the best one with least hassle.  Along with that, you should also consider having the insurances, as there are so many options when it comes to online car insurance.

# Budget: Are you fine to expend or got a tight one?

A budget helps you in shorting out lots of things and narrowing your thoughts at one point. It’s important to eliminate things that can distract you, or you might end up with worst deals. If you got a tight budget, either you can go with the cheap cars or used ones. Both are good at its own places; also if you are okay with expending the budget then you got the market of new cars, choose which one fits according to your requirement.  However, when you are buying expensive cars, you must consider getting online car insurance or any auto car insurance in order to keep your car safe.

# What’s your requirements?

The excitement for having a car is understandable but do not forget to have a clear image of what you want and what are the requirements. There are lots of people who buy cars because they don’t like to spend too much time waiting for the other transport or they hate to suffer every morning because of the late transportations. Not just that, some people like to have a car just to go out with their family and friends on weekends. It’s expensive to hire a cab for that, and also it’s not that easy either. Whatever your needs are, make sure to list it and then start looking for the options.

# Never skips the test drive

A test drive can tell you the secrets which are hard to find, by this not just you can feel the experience of driving but also you can get the idea about how things will go in the future. You can also check the parts of the cars and how they are working. Especially when you are buying the second-hand car or used cars, you must consider the test drive. It can help you in understanding the condition of the vehicle and how much changes the car is going to need.   Also drive the cars on the highways, streets and all other turns where it’s important you have smooth work.

Also if the car requires some changes related to basic and vital parts, you better consult with the previous owners.  If the car parts are expensive, make sure to get an auto insurance quote.

# Do the needed research and study

Never buy something because you feel like buying it,  it’s important to get the information and all data which can help you in knowing if the car is going to suit you or not. There are lots of things such as the maintenance and other factors depend on the locality you live, for example, if you are staying in the area of the USA where the snowfall is high, then you are going to need the car with big tiers. Similar to this, different localities need some specific cars.  When you are buying it, make sure to get any cheap car insurance or something that can cover the damages due to natural calamities.  Its helpful to get an auto insurance quote.

# Get a record of car history

However, it’s basically applied on used cars as you should know the history like where the car was used and drive by whom. Along with that, do check if there are any illegal records or anything that can cause risk for you. For the new cars, do the check the information and data on how the car is performing on the roads and what other people are experiencing.

# Reviews can help in getting the idea

For better insight information, get the websites which are verified and have valuable car reviews. It can help you in getting the car related information which is hard to tell or get by someone else. Not just online you can also get the reviews from the people who used the car or using the car. There might be people around you who have some information that can help you too.

# Negotiation is your basic right

Well, if you don’t want to buy the car with its actual final rate. Then do understand how you can do the negotiation. It’s not something where you should hesitate or feel awkward as it’s your basic right when it comes to buying the car. However, most of the places you will get discounts and offers. Also on the used cars, the dealer offers rates with a discount or other options too. But again, you can do the negotiation after all its called smart marketing.

# Seal the deal with official documents

Never leave the deal just by shaking hands. Buying a car is not something you should take it as a joke. It’s important for you to have all the crucial legal papers and documents which clearly show that the car belongs to you. Not just that makes sure that you had done all the needed documents and paperwork which includes the warranty, information, and other things. Along with that, you should also get the paper done for the insurances, either you choose some specific or any cheap car insurance.

Liability vs full coverage?

If you are someone going to buy car insurance, there are a whole lot of things which you suppose to know. There is some information which is crucial for you to decide what’s best for you in terms of car insurance. Even various insurance companies end up confusing or overwhelming the consumers. One of the most important aspects which bother you with it is regarding liability and full coverage. You need to understand the different way before you approach any online car insurance company.

Especially if you are someone who is applying for the first time, you might never actually get the information which you were supposed to know in the first place. This lack of clarity with the concept might turn things ugly for you. Here are different queries regarding Liability vs Full coverage of any car insurance. 

What is liability insurance?

Liability Insurance is a type of insurance policy which covers the potential cost of any kind of damage which you might have caused to other people while driving. The insurance policy takes responsibility for any property damage, medical care and repair cost of the vehicle and much more to it. Liability insurance focuses on the damage caused to others which you were driving. This kind of coverage usually not covered in the regular online car insurance policy which is quite obvious again.

In most of the states, liability coverage is considered a form of obligated law to the civilians. It also somehow represents the goodwill of the drivers and prevents them to make any such mistakes which can cause some serious damage to others. You also need to understand that the minimum amount of the liability coverage is different in different parts of States. Make sure you learn everything about the liability coverage before sign up to get an auto insurance quote for the first time.

What does liability coverage include? 

It is very essential to understand that Liability coverage covers others, not you for their damages whether it is personal injury, property damage and car damage. However, in some way, it is covering for your mistakes or responsibilities regarding others as a citizen and a driver as well.

Liability coverage often features coverage as the ‘third party coverage’. It also protects you from any kind of financial trap to fulfil others damage. In one way, it loosens up your job in many aspects. But is essential to learn all coverage details before you go for any liability coverage just like any other cheap car insurance.

It covers bodily injuries which further include liability bodily injuries such as lost wages, financial requirement for medical coverage or any other causes of inconvenience directly affecting them economically or medically. Liability Bodily Injury is termed as BI which is commonly represented by two numbers like $30,000/ $60,000 or so. Both numbers represent the maximum amount that you need to pay per person for the damage caused. The second number is the maximum amount upto which the total coverage can go for the accident.

What defines the full coverage?

Yes, it might read as ‘full coverage’ but don’t be misguided as this is not going to give you full coverage. You shouldn’t be thinking that taking up the full coverage is going to ensure for any accident or possibility. You must know that Full Coverage gives you two kind of coverage such as Collision and comprehensive insurance as well.

Collision type of insurance covers damages while you are driving whereas the comprehensive insurance covers vehicle damage other than situations of driving. It can be like theft, weather problems or any external problems. Do remember to get hold of every information regarding this Full Coverage before you get an auto insurance quote. The best way to understand the difference between collision and comprehensive cover insurances can be this. If a tree falls on to your car, it will be comprehensive, if you hit the car to the tree, it will be a collision. Comprehensive coverage also insures things like fire, vandalism, and attack on your car, weather or any external destroying factor. Collision coverage on other side covers all the damages and repairs of the automobile of your vehicle in the cases of accidents.

Liability vs. Full Coverage

The most prominent differences between Liability and Full Coverage is very certain and clear. Liability only insures you against those damages which you caused to others or their property but the Full Coverage insures your car for the damage. It is quite simple once you understand these two types of insurance separately.

Do You Need Full Coverage?

This is one of the biggest questions to ask that whether you need the full coverage or not, in the first place. If you want to decide whether to take it or not, you can understand by your own as it depends upon simple math regarding the age of your own vehicle. If your vehicle is around 10 years of age, you should save money. Go for the Full Coverage where you might get a large amount to cover a bigger amount of damages or even replace the car in case of heavy damage.

If you are thinking how much liability insurance coverage you need, then you must know how much coverage you can practically afford. There are however some minimum requirements set by the state law other than the recommendation.

What Full Coverage Doesn’t Cover?   You should ask the question the question before you apply for any cheap car insurance which will save you a lot of trouble in the way. You must understand even in the Full Coverage, not everything is covered. Like your medical bills aren’t included in the full coverage. So it is better to understand what it is covering and what not. You can decide what kind of car insurance suits you the best depending upon your budget, requirement, the age of the car, the situation of the car and other affecting factors as well.

Car Insurance in United States

Car Insurance Cover Flood Damage ?

In the USA, flooding is one of the natural disasters that effects on different levels. However, car or vehicle damages are common things when such scenes occur. Not just that, there are other reasons such as overflowing of the river, lake, drainage, and hurricane which also leads the car damages. If you have the insurance, then you should better understand that your insurance is going to cover up the losses or not. However, most of the common insurances don’t count damages that are happened due to flood. That’s why it’s important for you to make sure that you got the solution.

What is the basics insurance doesn’t do the coverage in the water damages

Cheap car insurances or basic car insurances, mostly like collision and liability insurances cover the damages which are occurred by getting hit by some other car, object or damaged due to something else.  These types of insurances doest count the flood water damages which mean if your car is damaged or suffered because of the flood, your insurance is not going to pay for you.

So what can help then?

For such situation, insurances like comprehensive coverage can help as the insurance help in covering the damages which happened, and you can’t control it. It also includes natural disasters such as flood and water damages. Most of the areas in the USA where the flood occur, people tend to get such insurances to save the car as well as damages.  You can also get more about it on the online car insurance for getting the best options.

Here is what comprehensive insurance covering or not covering the events

However, even the comprehensive insurance covers more as compare to any other cheap car insurance, but there are a few other things you should know about this option too.

# Leakage:  when it comes to damage which is happened due to the leakage, there are few things where the insurance can help. If the water leads and damaged the car due to heavy rain and even after you did everything that you supposed to. Also due to this, the car gets damaged because the car was not closed or sealing was not working then the insurance can help in covering up damage. However, the insurance will not help if you are irresponsible as a driver and leave your car in poor condition.

# Damages occurred by hailstorms : If the damages are done due to the hailstorms and it affected the interior too then the insurance can help, also you can get an auto insurance quote to understand how much the damages will be covered.

# Flooding: Its one of the reasons where you don’t have any control of yours. The damages are not done by you or because of your carelessness; the insurance will cover up the cost and also protect the vehicle too.

# Hurricanes: However here it depends on when you sign up for the insurance. There are some people who sign up when the hurricane is on its way; well it’s not effective nor helpful as it will not cover the damage.  But if you already sign up, then the insurance can help.

How is the insurance going here in covering the flood damages?

Well, it’s important to check whether the auto insurance quote that you got is covering the flood damage especially if you are living in flood-prone areas of USA. Comprehensive insurance helps you by covering up the damages and loses which is caused due to flood like natural calamities; also it includes cyclones and hailstorms too.  Also, you get two different types here which cover the different damages such as engine damage where the engine part of your vehicle is submerged in the flood water. The insurance helps to replace the complete engine which cost huge. Another one that you get is accessories damage where you get help for overcoming the damages of upholstery and engine.

Also if you compare the online car insurance, you will get to know that comprehensive insurance only covers the events which are not controlled by the humans.  That means if there is something which does not fall under this category will not going to be covered by this insurance.

What are the add-ons?

There are a few things that you should consider as these add-ons can help and protect the vehicle extra during the flood damages. Also, most of them have no period of waiting, so it’s simple to use whenever you feel like.

# Zero depreciation: However the insurance also doesn’t cover up the whole amount as they deduct the amount of deprecation before they pay for you. For saving yourself from that, you should get a zero depreciation ad on so the insurance pay full damage instead of deducting the amount of depreciation.

# Electrical circuit cover and Engine protector:  during the flood, parking your car somewhere which is flooded or connected to the flood water can cause great damage. Mostly it affects the engine which can cost more to get replaced. Adding this one will help in saving your cost of replacing the engine and also reduce the hassle. It’s also beneficial if you are living in areas of heavy rainfall.

# Quick Roadside Assistance: if you are driving around the areas where the flood water is stored or affected can lead the flat tires or damage to the engine.  With this ad on, you can get on road repairing which includes flat tire changing, etc.

Here are the safety measures that you should know:

When you are driving around the areas which are flood affected, here are a few things you should do.If your car is stuck in water , make sure you are not using the engine as it can cause some great damages.  Instead of that disconnecting battery and tow your vehicle to the nearest workshop. Also, make sure to check the brakes once you are out from the flood areas.

Save money if you own more than one car

Owning a car is considered to be one of your highest expenses you make every year. If you carefully calculate, you might even discover the fact that you could have been another car in what you spent on your current one. Most of the people do not realize that these expenses are not inevitable, they can be reduced, controlled and some of them even prevented. Especially, if you owning cars more than one, these can be quite high but there is a solution. Here you find different aspects where you can save money on your car expenses.

Save Money with Car Insurance

Car Insurance surely includes among the most necessary things to do whenever you a buy a new car.  But it also includes as a major car expense as well. Also, here are some ways you can save money on car insurance

  1. First of all, it is great to get cheap car insurance at least that is something you should look around for. According to the reports, very few Americans really look around or research on basis of insurance cost. That’s why they end up giving expensive car insurance premiums. You must do your research, shop around and keep looking for cheap renew.
  2. Communicate with your Insurance agent and find out how much money you can save by creating a deductible on your car insurance policy. Sometime, it is quite an easy way to save your money on car insurance premiums. You might raise deductible costing $200-$600 which ultimately saves around 10% to 30% of insurance premiums.
  3. Drop insurance on your older cars, especially if they are any older than 10 years. You might be giving as much repairing cost as much you giving the premiums. Most importantly, you can also decide to at least drop collision and other kinds of coverages, not liability coverage though. Or if you are buying a new car along with getting a fresh auto insurance quote, try to save as much money you can on the previous old car.

Save Money on Fuel

One of the most expensive aspects of driving a car is fuel cost where you might think that there is no way to reduce that. Well, apparently there is so much that you can do to lower your fuel consumption and increase your car mileage and efficiency.  Here are some steps which can reduce 20%-30% fuel consumption.

  1. Having cheap car insurance doesn’t allow you to not care about car expenses or fuel consumption. Rather you should be more aware of that and drive sensibly to avoid any kind of over-speeding, hard braking and fast acceleration. These are the causes of major wastage of fuel. According to reports, you can save around $477 a year if you drive sensibly.
  2. You must avoid idling as always make sure to turn off the engine if a car is parked or waiting. You should know idling takes away like a quarter to half-gallon of car fuel every hour. Restarting your car again takes like 10 seconds of your fuel consumption time. This can be one of the easiest steps you can take to reduce your car expenses, easier than even applying for online car insurance, but that is important too.
  3. Make sure your car tires are inflated and have proper amount of pressure. This is essential as it can improve your gas mileage by percentage like 3.3% at minimum. With this alone you can save like $140 per year.
  4. You should consider using less octane gas unless your car features high-performance engine or you might be recommended by the manufacturer itself. You can get away with less expensive gas to save the cost on the premium gases more than 15% on average. You can potentially save around $200 per year.

Save Money on Maintenance

This is probably one of the most dominant aspects where you can save expenses on your cars most. Regular maintenance can itself save your uncountable amount of money per year. There can be so many examples to be told depicting that checking on your car; keep on maintenance can save like minimum $2000. Even you have got the great auto insurance quote, keep checking for repairs and maintenance will prevent sudden or unexpected expenses on car which might cost you fortune. Just wonder if you can prevent spoiling or degrading of any one automobile part of your car, how much that going to save you?

Save Money with Depreciation/ Reselling 

Saving money with Car Depreciation is not exactly about saving cash but it you save decreasing sales value of your car. Car depreciation is something when you car started decreasing its value over time which is going to effect on the reselling of the car. If your car is highly depreciated over time, you won’t be getting much money selling it. The loosing of potential earning money from selling your car is same as unable to save money. You should control that to get the highest reselling value for your car.

Better wait for the cheap car insurance period to be over or settle before you sell it. One of the easy solutions to deal with depreciation is buying the cars which are already in their first year. That means to buy a used car, so you won’t be facing the 20% to 30% depreciation drop for first two-three years. You can buy 2-3 years used car and sell it when reaches at 4-5 years age. In this way actually, you are going to drive the cars when they almost new in relatively very less price and earn money by reselling it after few years down.

It is also necessary to keep looking for high resale values. You should predict how much money it is going to give you after certain years when you sell it. Buying the car which has great resale value is the smartest move to save money or earn money from your cars.

How Long Will a Car Insurance Ticket Stay?

Car Owners who are looking forward to car insurance in any time soon often jumbled with the question that – How long will a ticket stay on their driving record?  Well, the answer is much profound dependent on the various factors along with the law of the land. It further depends on the violations caused by the driver which raised the ticket in the first place. You will find that usually any convicted crime or offense made on the automobile violation remains on the record for like three to ten years. Again, it depends on the kind of violation or whether it is a major offense or minor

Driving Record, Car Insurance Rate & License Eligibility

You must understand that your driving record affects your car insurance and license eligibility. These factors are quite inter-dependent on each other. In states, for any specific kind of violation, there is some affected period after which the offense driver has caused will be no longer affecting your online car insurance rate. These affected periods are those chargeable periods which are quite similar in different parts of States.

Then, there is this personal injury protection (PIP), no-fault wrecks and other claims can also impact your car insurance rate for like 3 years. However, it doesn’t happen in every situation or all the part of states and even sometimes not in such a degree. If you are looking for cheap car insurance, your agent will be asking for any type of automobile violations and accident history. Make sure you remain honest with agent whiling filing for the insurance; otherwise, it will impact your insurance rate. You must know that these car insurance companies have a database called Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) to check the history of the driver. Different kind of violation affects your insurance rate in different ways. There is even a wide range of penalty amounts which you will be charged on a particular violation. MVR is essential element of the insurance policy process while doing a background check of the driver.

Difference between a ‘Surcharge’ and ‘Rate Hike’

Any online car insurance policy accounts for the penalties you have charged upon in the driving history. If you are someone who has been involved in some crashes or violations, you will be known of penalized due to bad driving behavior. These penalties for a particular violation are called as ‘surcharge’. 

Then there are some insurance premiums surcharges are the particular amount of penalty or fees charged against your insurance policy for bad driving behavior. It is charged due to the kind of risk you have put through. So you should be prepared for surcharges if you have violation history of speeding tickets, your-fault-based crashes, reckless driving and another kind of serious conviction.

Also, you must know that these surcharges against you can be dropped off after a certain period of time if you keep driving safely and with any violation. So if you are looking to fill the application form for any cheap insurance policy, you first try to clear-off any surcharges against your driving records. This can be done by regularly following the ideal driving protocols and regulations without any glitch.

Know How You Can Check Your Driving Records

If you are considering applying for car insurance, your driving records should be clean, it can affect on larger grounds on your eligibility and other factors. Now, for that, you need to periodically check your driving records. You must ensure that every information listed in your application should match your driving records. If not, your application can be rejected. It is also necessary to remember that not all driving records or not all countries/states include your driving history. So it might not affect it at all. So it is better to first apprehend the law of the land regarding the driving records as well, even before you ask for an auto insurance quote.

There are indeed some states where the driving records are not too much extensive to include your driving history, especially if not something much serious. To make sure such things, always remember to order a complete record from your vehicle state department. You can even ask this online at their official websites, it takes a few minutes but really affects your insurance policy approach. You will just need your driving license number, name and birth date. In case you find some kind of issue or error with your reports filed, you must contact the driver license division of the states department, mostly DMV of that state.

Duration of Moving Violations on Your Driving Records

Now the most important question you will ask yourself as someone applying for an auto insurance quote in an automobile insurance company – How long will a ticket stay on my driving record?  First, you need to acknowledge the fact that any violation you have caused is reported under your driving history for a particular amount of time. So, you should be prepared for that but surely there are some measures you can take to either prevent it or shorten it. The duration of the violation on your driving records also depends upon the law of your state.  Like in Florida, the minimum duration of the violation remains in your records is three and maximum, which is for serious offenses, is 10 to 15 years. This can be different for different states in America.

There are even some very serious offenses like major accidents on your fault or running a commercial vehicle under influence might remain on your records for whole life. So it is not like a particular duration which works for all the cases or all states. The best way is to take preventive measures while driving and apply for insurance policies with honesty and precise paperwork. Rest, in cases of violation, just try to get hold of your records and know the status of its duration.